Frequently Asked Questions

Advertisers Benefits
How do I Benefit by running an advert in your automotive directory
Running an advert in this automotive directory for mobile auto mechanics and more can be very beneficial for your online business,financially rewarding and having a highly ranking advert on google via specialists website.
By acquiring a top position in search engines, your visibility and organic traffic is likely to increase. Our directory platform will optimize your advert for keywords that will be valuable to your business.Motorist needing roadside assistance will find you at a glance in search results.List your auto businesses with confidence.
Creating & Managing Ads
How can I describe my mobile auto business with ads?
The best way to describe your mobile auto business is to write about the top best things about your business that stands out above your competitors.Then write about yourself and your experience in the automotive industry.The hours that you are open for business.
Creating & Managing Listings
Do I Have to Register to Create Listings?

Yes. You must be a registered user to create listings. Registration is free.

I created a listing, but it does not show up in search results. Why?

You need to run your listing. Go to My Account and click on Run to the left of the listing you wish to run. The system will ask for your credit card information, and your listing will run as soon as your payment is processed.

Iam going on vacation. How do I stop my listing from running?
From the My Account page, click on the Stop link to the left of the listing.
What Category Should I Put My listing In?

Choose the category that best fits.

Emergency Auto Repair Assistance Help
My Car has Brokendown and I need a roadside assistance & repairs
Our automotive directory has a wide choice of mobile mechanics that will come to your locations ar very short notice.When in need of 24hr emergency auto repair assistance browse or search by entering your postcode area or local town. The system will show a list of quality auto mechanics in your local area.The profile of each company or owner operator will be displayed.Make a phone call to one of your choice.

1. Get a call out charge from the mechanics.

2. Some companies don’t charge a fee.

3. Most companies will give you a quote on diagnosis inspection.

4. 85% of Vehicles are repaired roadside

5. Towing can be arranged should it be a major repair.

6. Before towing check your insurance breakdown assistance pack.

7. Should your brokendown vehicle’s position be in danger of causing injuries Call 911.
Pricing & Payment
How much do listings cost?
Please see our Pricing page for information about listing plans.At this time we have free listings for a limited period.See website terms and conditions.
How Long Does a Listing Run?
Auto directory listing can run from one day up to 5 years in advance.Please see our Pricing page for information about listing plans.
What is your privacy policy?
See Privacy Policy for details.
I don't want my name, phone number or email address to appear on your site. What should I do?
To hide all of your personal information when creating a listing, just do the following:
1. Answer "NO" to the question "Include Profile with Listing"
2. Do not enter your street address or phone number on the listing
This will keep all of your personal information private.
Someone interested in your listing will be able to contact you via anonymous email using the "Contact Advertiser" link on the site. The email address you enter for a listing is NOT shown on the site - it is used by the site to route anonymous contact requests to your email without making your email address visible to others.

If all my information is private how can a user contact me?
When your ad appears, instead of showing your contact information the following appears: "This person has chosen to remain private. You may contact this person via anonymous email by clicking here." The prospective user completes an on-line form and the system sends you an email without revealing your information to the prospective buyer.
Q&A for Automotive Mobile Mechanics
How much do mobile mechanics make
These days with mobile technology how much can a mechanic make?in one word loads of money.Becoming a self employed mobile auto mechanic in north america can be very rewarding financially,with a fully fitted mobile van or small truck and tools can cost in the region of $100,000.When you have established yourself as a auto repair machanic you can earn an estimated $200k per year before your tax deductions.As professional mobile mechanics you should be able to diagnose and fix cars at the owners location or home,example services:Car suspension repair, Flat tire repair, Car brake repair, Car diagnostics, Car a/c repair, Wheel alignment, Wheel balancing, Car tuning, Oil change, Engine tune up. This can be a great career move in the automotive repair industry for automobiles.Should you choose to be a auto technician flexibility is a virtue work 7 days a week or set your service hours,either option will grow your business bank account.Keep improving on how to be a successful mobile auto repair business.Very important about insurance and safety issues,liability insurance will be needed for a self employed auto mechanic.Be your own boss as a mobile auto mechanic in North America.
How much does it cost to register?
Nothing. Registration is FREE.
Do I have to register to use the site?
No. You can browse and search ads without registering. You should still register, to save time, as the site will remember various preferences for you. If you want to create automotive ads, you will need to register. Registration is FREE.